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Pearls Mallorca Shell Pearl Gainsboro, 25-20 * 20-18mm, pcs

Pearls Mallorca Shell Pearl Gainsboro, 25-20 * 20-18mm, pcs
Артикул: PEARL-2520-090
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23,14 грн
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Short description:

Shell Pearl is an alternative to cultured pearls. The manufacturing process for Shell Pearl is similar to the manufacturing process for imitation glass pearls. The main difference is that the imitation pearl glass has a glass in the center, while the shell pearl has a natural sea shell core. The coating contains natural pearl, ground into powder. The surface of this pearl is very different from the granular structure of natural cultured pearl nacre - it is smooth and smooth.

Material Nacre
The form Arbitrary
The size 25 mm
Hole 1 mm
Spraying \ coating Varnish
Treatment Dyed
Color palette White / transparent
Exporter country China
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