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Jewelry string, wire

Jewelry string buy

Jewelry string is a metal product made in the form of a strong and thin rope of steel. The color scheme of such a string can be very diverse and is determined by the shade of nylon that covers the surface of the rope. Such material is widely used as a basis for creating a variety of handmade jewelry and bijouterie, while giving the finished product impeccable strength, functional and aesthetic characteristics.

How to choose a jewelry string?

When creating a variety of jewelry based on a jewelry string, you should decide on the desired color of the harness, as well as the parameters of the thickness of such material. Depending on the thickness of the string, it is perfect for working with beads, artificial and natural stones, as well as other decorative elements and accessories.

Selecting the mostMore suitable harness is quite a demanding task. A high-quality and durable jewelry string, which you can buy in the online store of goods for needlework, can radically transform the appearance of the finished product. In addition to aesthetic characteristics, such a tourniquet is distinguished by excellent elasticity and elasticity. It can be used to create exquisite beads and bracelets, woven brooches or rings.

Assortment of the online store "Rutipo"

In the "Rutipo" store, various varieties of jewelry strings are presented, including items with a thickness of 0.3 mm, 0.33 mm, 0.38 mm, as well as 0.5 mm. The color scheme of such strings includes a large selection of colors and shades: black, silver, gold, crimson, red, blue, turquoise, green, and pink. The length of steel ropes is from 1 to 10 meters, which allows you to purchase the necessary piece of material to create those or �New decorations.

What are the main advantages of buying in our online store? The most important advantage of working with us is the incredibly low prices for the entire range of handicraft products. The cost of the jewelry string presented in our store is more than acceptable, which allows you to create exquisite and original jewelry with minimal financial costs.

Strong and attractive jewelry string is not only a unique material for the creative work of every needlewoman, but also a guarantee of a delightful appearance of the finished handmade jewelry.