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Sequins, sew-on stones

Buy sequins and sew-on stones

Not a single festive event is complete without glitter, but we also want to decorate weekdays with the original glimpse of finished wardrobe items. Sequins and sewing stones can help with this. These small, dissimilar elements can be used not only to decorate clothes and shoes, but also to add originality to handbags, hats, jewelry and hair accessories.

Sequins are large sequins, similar in appearance to fish scales, intended for decorative finishing of fabrics. Their history goes back many centuries, and the word itself comes from the French language and in translation into Russian it means “sparkle, golden grain of sand”. There is a small hole in the middle of the sequin, which allows you to conveniently attach it to garments.

Types of sequins and how to fix them

In shape, sequins can be round and square, as well as in phonumber of hearts and stars. They can be very small or larger. Their color can be very different. On one item of clothing, you can combine sequins of different shades. But the combination of black sequins with a silvery sheen looks most impressive on an evening dress in black, the length of which does not matter, in any case, its owner will look amazing. You can buy sequins and sew on from us, at retail or wholesale at an attractive price. A huge assortment of products presented will not leave anyone indifferent.

Sequins can be fastened with beads. To do this, you need to pierce the fabric on the front side with a needle from the wrong side, passing through the center of the sequin, after which you need to thread the bead through the needle and stick it again into the center of the sequin. Instead of one bead, you can use several at the same time, creating a long chain that will beautifully playStay in the light while driving.

Sew-on rhinestones: types, scope

Sew-on rhinestones are imitations of precious stones. They can be cut to resemble precious stones or in the form of a hemisphere. Depending on the material used in the manufacture, sew-on rhinestones are divided into: acrylic and glass. The former are distinguished by a huge variety of designs, sizes, colors and types. In addition, they are much cheaper than their glass counterparts. But rhinestones made of glass most closely imitate precious stones. The special brilliance and transparency of such stones makes them indispensable when decorating evening dresses. According to the method of fastening, rhinestones are produced with holes along the edges or in a frame.

Sew-on rhinestones can be used to decorate clothes, textiles and interior items. Thanks to the reliable fixation, objects finished with such stones will look like new.