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Buy satin ribbons and braids

Needlewomen of all countries have used the atlas very actively at all times. Decorating clothes, making embroidery and individual flowers, wreaths, hats using narrow fabric cuts is a classic way of decorating textiles. Today, the most popular types of creativity using ribbons are:

  • Embroidery for clothing and accessories.
  • Japanese art of kanzashi.
  • Formation of ethnic wreaths and headdresses (Ukrainian wreath, for example).
  • Sewing and decorating clothes.
  • Decorating underwear.
  • Making artificial flowers.

Before you buy satin ribbons and braid, you need to clarify:

  • Product type and dimensions.
  • Materials required for manufacturing.
  • Width and characteristics (satin, organza, etc.)
  • If it is a braid, you need to understand its color, style, width��.
  • Find out the length of an element. You can buy any satin ribbons in spools or in running meters.

To make embroidery, it is preferable to use thin satin and organza products (up to 1 cm wide). With these strips of fabric and a gypsy needle, embroidery is performed on those fabrics, the fibers of which allow the needle to move freely. Usually it is linen, cotton, wool or canvas for embroidery.

For the kanzashi technique, it is preferable to use stripes with a width of 3 cm or more. Colors can be used pure bright, pearly. The products combine very well with artificial and natural pearls. In Japan, using the kanzashi technique, geisha wove head jewelry for themselves since ancient times.

Wreaths and ribbons have always been a priority in Ukrainian ethnic culture. The women of them performed complex headdresses. A tape lubricated with glue was twisted onto a special round hoop made of metal wire. After addingLong, up to half a meter, satin stripes of various colors and widths were sewn to the back of the head. Artificial fabric flowers were sewn to the upper part. If in the Japanese technique flowers are idealized for a certain perfect shape, then the Ukrainian flower in wreaths had to be as similar as possible to a real analogue. Poppies, sunflowers, bells, roses, various bindweed and so on were used as objects for imitation.

To find such an element as a ribbon, which you can buy in our store on the Internet or in any fabric store, you must select the type and characteristics of the products. To find an element such as a braid, which can be bought only in those stores where ethnic fabrics are sold, you need to select all the other materials, and then choose the type of braid. All questions about combinations and manufacturing technologies, assortment of goods can be clarified on our website.