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Cabochons, Half beads, Decorative stones

Buy rhinestones and cabochons for jewelry

The creation of jewelry is a fascinating process that requires from the master not only skill and experience, but also the availability of materials correctly selected by him, since their choice is very wide today. These are various pendants, beads, cameos, pearls, rhinestones, cabochons and much more. Using these elements you can make any piece of jewelry, be it a necklace, bracelet, hairpin or earrings.

In our online store you can buy rhinestones and cabochons for jewelry, made of semi-precious stones, porcelain, glass, plastic. In this category of goods, you can always find exactly what you really need to make exclusive jewelry and individual style. We also have a huge assortment of various cabochon frames. Translated from French "cabochon" means head. It means a special way of processing stones, like semi-wBoth precious and precious, as a result of which they acquire a smooth or convex surface, carefully polished and without any edges, the absence of which distinguishes a cabochon from an offset cut. In our online store you can buy a cut and polished cabochon, one side of which is oval or spherical, while the other remains flat.

Standard-shaped cabochons are stones that are made in the form of an oval, circle, cross, heart and polygon. Depending on the curvature of the top, they are divided into several types: low, medium, high. When creating exclusive jewelry, stones are used as a decorative link in the composition. Often such stones are found in various products made of beads. In this case, a picture of the idea of ​​the whole decoration arises around the cabochon. On the site rutipo.com.ua you will find a huge selection of goods of variousshapes and colors that allow you to create a delightful piece of jewelry with your own hands.

In our store, we always stock products made of natural stone, smooth and very pleasant to the touch plastic products, rhinestones and cabochons made of extraordinarily beautiful dichroic glass, as well as crystals intended for inlay in pendants. Some cabochons made from glass may have an image. Attractive price and a huge selection of shapes and colors make making jewelry at home even more affordable.