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Floral materials

Floristics are compositions made of natural and artificial materials. Flowers, leaves, acorns, ears, berries can be used as natural. Artificial - these are small figurines, beads, imitation of leaves, flowers, etc.
From floristic material, you can create various compositions for any occasion. It is impossible to imagine a wedding or anniversary without decorating the table with such picturesque decorations. They are also appropriate at corporate parties, exhibitions, presentations. Floristic design can refresh any room, bring soulfulness into it, and give it a solemn look.
European floristry has 3 main directions:
  • vegetative;
  • decorative;
  • form-linear.
Floristic works are of several types:
Bouquet. This is a flower arrangement, decorated using the technique of light�names.
Garland. It is a chain connected together, with the help of wire, thread, flowers, lanterns of branches, bulbs, and so on. It is used in interior design, to decorate items, when setting the table.
Composition in a vessel.
Floral wreath.
Panels, screens, collages.
Floristic object.
This kind of decorative art is very popular. The name itself comes from the word "glue". The composition made in this style is a picturesque picture. In contrast to an artist, florists, in addition to paints, also use a variety of floristic materials - natural and artificial materials. Many well-known florists prefer to work in this technique. According to them, it gives a lot of room for self-expression, manifestation of their individuality.
Effects are collage works created byin the technique of phyto painting. All materials - dried flowers, feathers, shells, gravel, etc., come together against a picturesque backdrop. He, in turn, is most often done with watercolors or gouache. To create a similar picture, using a wide paintbrush and paints, the background is first drawn on a hard base, such as plywood. Then the prepared material is glued to it. After the glue has dried, with the help of paint, the surface of the painting is processed from the spray gun. The finished work must be framed and hung on the wall.
The floral wreath is also very popular. As a rule, it is based on flowers and leaves. Doors, windows, chairs, tables, plates are decorated with such products.
The advantages of this means of self-expression are many - it helps to refresh the room, add bright colors, feel surrounded by nature and find spiritual harmony.