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Buy decorative buttons and pins

Charming decorative buttons and pins can be purchased in our store on favorable terms. It is very easy to buy decorative buttons and pins from us. The high quality products offered will delight you with their diversity and open up inspiring opportunities for creativity.

Decorative buttons will gladly settle on your most favorite things and will help to create a unique style. These extraordinary decorative elements will make you unique

  • clothing, favorite accessories, especially knitted or hand-sewn;
  • scrapbooking works, family albums, greeting cards;
  • accessories for your favorite pet;
  • toys, dolls and more.

With the help of decorative buttons, you can conduct an exciting joint needlework lesson with your child. Working with buttons is great for developingIt helps to learn to distinguish between different colors, and most importantly - a great opportunity to communicate.

Pins from our store are great for scrapbooking. They securely and beautifully fix soft decorations, fix photos in an album and other details of your future work of art. These graceful pins are very convenient and in a situation when you are just picking up details in your art project, with their help you can easily and imperceptibly make changes to the materials before final fixing all the details. We draw your attention to the basic principles of using decorative buttons and pins.

Buttons on a finished product should not be washed in hot water, only in cold water. Also, do not allow an aggressive effect on the thing where such a button is attached. Special attention is required to sequined buttons: to avoid fading, try not to expose them at all�And washing them. If the item still needs to be washed intensively, unfasten the buttons and then return to their rightful place. Then they will remain intact and continue to delight you.

When working with pins, be very careful about their number in a special tailor's pillow or case and always return them there if you have already used them. It is especially important to keep track of the number of pins if children or pets are in the room. No matter how passionate about creativity you are, never pinch pins in your teeth: this is not only dangerous to health, but also harmful to tooth enamel.

We hope that our products will delight you and inspire you to create great new pieces! For all questions, please contact our consultants, we are always ready to help you!