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Serpentine (Serpentinite)

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Serpentine (also serpentinite, apothecary stone) is a dark green rock with a characteristic snake pattern. Serpentine is an ornamental variety of serpentinite. Other names for the mineral and its varieties: serpentine, toligor, antigorite, flywheel, Korean jade. A very strong energetic that creates a feeling of protection and peace of mind for the owner. Serpentine pulls negative formations and emotions from the damaged field, therefore it has been used since ancient times in the treatment of bodily and mental diseases. The mineral helps with headaches, unstable blood pressure, colds, inflammatory processes in the kidneys and the digestive system, relieves anxiety and nervousness, smooths out emotional outbursts. Deposits are found in many countries: in the Urals, in Siberia, Kazakhstan, the North Caucasus, the USA, New ZealandII, India, Cuba, Italy, India, Mongolia, Afghanistan. Serpentine is considered an insidious stone, the Tempter stone.

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