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Jewelry cubic zirconia

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Luxurious and perfect cubic zirconia

At all times, precious stones have attracted special attention of people. Sapphires, emeralds, topaz amazed with their noble beauty and grace. A special place among precious stones has always been occupied by a cut diamond - brilliant. This hardest mineral is still one of the most expensive stones in the world today. Cubic zirconia is a synthesized diamond substitute, but its price is several orders of magnitude lower.
Cubic zirconium differs little from diamond in its properties. It also has great hardness and a similar refractive index, and it really looks very much like a diamond in appearance. Cubic zirconia jewelry always looks luxurious and only a very experienced professional will notice the difference.
For a long time, humanity has been looking for stones - imitators of precious stones, which would have similarpress properties, but cost significantly less. Cubic zirconium once became a real find - you can buy it at a very affordable price. In addition, this stone is successfully used as an imitator and colored gemstones: rubies, sapphires and topaz.
Cubic Zirconia: a little history
In Soviet times, cubic zirconia was very popular as a substitute for a diamond. This was cubic zirconium, the first crystal of which was grown in the 70s of the last century at the Physics Institute of the Academy of Sciences. The zirconium oxide crystal got its name "cubic zirconia" precisely from the abbreviation of the institute where it was "born". This material owes its modern name to its European counterparts: "dzhevalite" and "zirconite" with the same formula of the ZrO2 crystal.
An absolutely transparent diamond is extremely rare in nature, and you can get andit is extremely difficult to make a high-purity diamond. Cubic zirconia, on the other hand, has perfect transparency and does not contain any inclusions. This is why jewelers love cubic zirconia so much. Its inexpensive price is perfectly combined with excellent qualities and perfect appearance.
The bright diamond shine of cubic zirconia is mesmerizing even in the photo. It is used not only in precious jewelry, but also in jewelry.
It's easy to become the owner of a unique piece of jewelry. You or a jeweler comes up with a sketch of the jewelry. All you have to do is click the “buy” button on our website to inlay your idea with cubic zirconia.

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