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jasper is characterized by a wide variety of textures: massive, spotted, banded, breccia, plaited, etc. The presence of many finely dispersed and unevenly distributed impurities determine the variety and variegation of the color of the breed. Monochromatic jasper are rare. The most famous Russian ornamental deposits jasper are located in the Southern Ural , in Altai, in the Charysh and Bukhtarma river basins. There are also deposits in France, Germany, the USA, India. Jasper received numerous trade names depending on the color, pattern, deposit or composition: agate jasper (or jasper agate); Egyptian jasper ("Nile flint"); ribbon jasper (used for gems); basanite (black fine-grained jasper-like volcanic rock from North Carolina, USA, which is used as a touchstone for determiningsampling of precious metals by the color of the line); "blood jasper" landscape jasper (with landscape design); Nunkirchen jasper (grayish brown, very fine-grained; named after a deposit in the Hunsrück mountains, Germany); jasper dyed with Prussian blue, called German or Swiss lapis, serves as an imitation of lapis lazuli; plasma (dark green, evenly fine-grained), prase (green jasper or ornamental stone from the quartz group - green drain quartz), sylex (with brown and red spots), irnimite (blue jasper is a characteristic feature of blue (blue) veins and spots in cherry, orange, gray jasper.

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