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Tiger, Hawkeye

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Tiger's Eye is a variation of quartz saturated with fibrous material. Thanks to these fibers, the "tiger's eye" has a characteristic wave-like ebb, which is most clearly visible in stones cut in the form of cabochons. Iron hydroxides give "tiger's eye " a silky golden brown tint, by which this stone can be easily distinguished from a mineral with a similar optical effect - " cat's eye ".

Deposits where tiger's eye was found: South Africa, Burma, Western Australia, India, USA (California), in Central Asia, in Eastern Siberia, Ukraine (Krivoy Rog).

Bullseye - a kind of "eye quartz", namely, quartz pseudomorphosis and iron oxides over amphibole. Represents tiger's eye , which has undergone natural or artificial �Temperature exposure. As a result of this impact, the limonite contained in the original stone is partially dehydrated and transferred to hematite , which gives the stone brown and greenish shades. Sometimes one can observe thin inclusions visible to the eye hematite or hematite sole on natural bull's eye . The fibrous structure of the stone is preserved , all effects, overflows are saved.


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