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Jewelry made of Czech glass does not need advertising for a long time - these products were appreciated by our grandmothers, they are distinguished by unsurpassed quality, an amazing variety of shades, they always look relevant and very stylish. Of course, buy Czech glass is already a brand, a guarantee of impeccable taste and perfect quality.

Now you can not only buy ready-made costume jewelry made of Czech glass , but also create original products - bracelets, rings, beads, necklaces, hairpins, earrings and tiaras - with your own hands. You will find everything you need to start a new creative process and bring all the most unusual fantasies to life on the website of our online store.

Czech glass beads in the form of leaves or rhombuses, elongated drops, perfectly round, faceted, bright red, yellow, blue and pale gray - it's too long to list all the variety of optionsth, it is better to once choose and order on our website rutipo.com.ua the beads you like and create jewelry that will become your business card.


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