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Carnelian (carnelian)

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Carneol , or carnelian - a mineral, reddish-pink, yellow-red or orange -red variety of chalcedony.

The name of the mineral is associated with the color of the stone. Field in India in the USA (Montana state). The Karadag massif in the Crimea. The most beautiful types of stone come from India - after a long stay in the light, the color from brownish turns into a thick orange-red. A relatively inexpensive ornamental stone, but some varieties, such as sardonyx, are highly valued as an indispensable traditional material for making cameos and other carved jewelry stone products.

The most intense red tone, pure and relatively transparent, reminiscent of a cloudy blood drop, is called carnelian - one of the best carnelian . Sardines are usually called yellow chalcedony, carnelian - medium-rich orange. Sardonyx - carnelian with straight linesIn layers of alternating brown, white and bluish gray (orange agate).

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