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Rodonite is a mineral, manganese silicate, formed under special conditions at the contact of magma with sedimentary rocks rich in manganese. In stone cutting, rhodonite rock is used - eagle , which consists of a large number of various manganese minerals. The color of the eagle is pink, cherry pink or crimson. With a general opacity, this stone has a pleasant translucency, giving it depth and a special richness of tones. In the continuous mass of the eagle there are extraordinary beautiful "nests", bright red in color, reminiscent of a ruby. It also looks like tulite.

Rodonite is an ornamental stone, which, in addition to the mineral of the same name, contains black dendrites and veins of manganese hydroxides and oxides, brown areas of bustamite , fibrous inesite and other inclusions that give the stone a high decorative effect.

Rhodonite withyellow or brown inclusions called fowlerite.

There are also varieties of rhodonite , similar to tape jasper , with beautifully alternating black, brown, gray and pink stripes. In this regard, before this type of rhodonite was mistakenly considered jasper .