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Rhodochrosite - manganese spar . The mineral is also known as the rose of the Incas. The Incas believed that Rhodochrosite was the blood of ancient rulers who turned in stone. Rhodochrosite has a stable crimson color due to the presence of divalent manganese. With an increase in calcium content, the color fades, an admixture of iron gives it a reddish or brownish tint. The aggregates have a banded structure - alternating dark and light pink stripes with a scalloped pattern. The luster is glassy, ​​on the cleavage planes it is mother-of-pearl. The color of the mineral is pink, crimson, brown. Almost colorless crystals are found. The most prized crimson-red varieties are rhodochrosite . The most famous deposit is located in Argentina and the USA (Colorado)

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