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Buy rivoli from Swarovski to create unique jewelry

Are you into DIY jewelry making? Or is it not just a hobby, but your main job? In any case, you cannot do without beads and rivoli! The latter, striking and delighting with its brilliance, usually becomes the centerpiece of any decoration. If you are looking for an online store to buy rivoli, we are glad to welcome you to our store for needlework and jewelry making! We have a large selection of rivoli in any color, size and shape. In addition to a wide assortment, we are always ready to offer the most favorable prices for our goods!
Rivoli Swarovski are cone-shaped crystal beads on both sides. Their back surface is metallized using a special coating, while the front surface shines like a precious stone. This shine is provided by high-quality crystal processed with �� about special technology. Its gem-quality cut gives not only a unique brilliance, but also a depth of color, iridescent tints. Rivoli should be bought by craftswomen who want to make their jewelry unique and eye-catching. They look best with evening dresses. Such a stone will make an exquisite evening decoration inimitable, and its owner - the queen of the holiday.
How to use rivoli: simple and original ideas
If you are in doubt about whether rivoli is worth buying, and do not know how you can use beads of such an unusual shape, then we have some ideas for you:
• Rivoli braiding. Using beads, threads and needles, as well as the rivoli themselves, you will create stunning jewelry in no time! The technique involves placing a crystal inside a bead braid, which can be of the most unusual variations and shapes. In the future, this element is used for andmaking earrings, bracelets, pendants and other jewelry.
• Beautiful cut. You can simply insert the rivoli purchased on the website into a factory cut for earrings or a connector and attach it to the jewelry being made, or immediately receive jewelry, for example, using chain mail.
These ideas have already been implemented by many needlewomen. Inspired by their work, try it yourself. We are sure that the result will amaze you!
To buy Rivoli in Ukraine right now, add the items you like to your basket and place an order on our website.