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Rauchtopaz (smoky quartz)

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Rauchtopaz , synonyms - smoky quartz < / strong> and smoky crystal - a kind of quartz . Despite the name, it has nothing to do with topaz. It is painted in brown color of varying intensity - from a barely noticeable smoky shade to dark brown, brown. There is also a completely black variety of smoky quartz called morion. Color usually deepens from the base of the crystal to its top, while cracks, bubbles and other defects are more common at the base. The abundance of such defects most likely indicates a synthetic origin. Coloring rauchtopase is caused by the admixture of aluminum. this mineral has nothing to do with topaz. In terms of cost, rarity, processing difficulty and other properties, topaz cannot be compared with quartz . But until now the term " rauchtopaz " remains extremely popular withamong jewelers. There is also such a name " rauchkvarts " - outdated, although in fact it is more correct than " rauchtopaz ".

Sometimes smoky quartz is called smoky rock crystal , which is not quite correct, as the name Rock crystal refers to colorless and transparent crystals quartz . Rauchtopaz is one of the most inexpensive and affordable gems of the 3rd order. According to other classifications, it belongs to ornamental stones , as it is used for inexpensive jewelry. Along with rock crystal, amethyst and citrine rauchtopaz is a type of quartz used in jewelry. Lighter varieties of this mineral are used as a gemstone.

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