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Half pearls (half beads)

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Half bead - a universal decoration element

Our world consists of small details, therefore, creating something new, you need to take care of seemingly insignificant elements. This is especially true for needlework - a painstaking but exciting process, as a result of which we get an original and beautiful thing. The more details are taken into account, the more perfect the fruit of creativity will turn out. For example, for decorating objects, not a whole, but a half-bead is often used, which can become the final element of handmade design. Thanks to a wide range of such products, you candecorate any crafts created by your imagination.
The half-bead, which you can buy in any quantity in the online store rutipo.com.ua, is one of the most beautiful and popular jewelry. We specialize in the sale of accessories for needlework, so we present a wide variety of them so that you will definitely find what you need with us. The half-bead you are interested in can be bought in a wide variety of colors: soft lilac, deep blue, milky, emerald, bronze, garnet and many other shades. The half-beads presented in our catalogs are externally similar to pearls - one of the most magnificent natural creations, so a product decorated with the use of these accessories will be able to charm anyone who sees it.
Why you can buy half beads
Such a graceful element is often an indispensable part of the scrapbooking technique.This handicraft art is the making of postcards and family albums, which can be decorated in a wide variety of ways, including using half beads. Scrapbooking also uses these accessories to decorate boxes for gifts and storage of various little things. If you use a diary, a half bead is also suitable for unique decoration.
These products are considered universal fittings due to their convenient shape (convex at the top and flat at the bottom), so they are suitable for use in almost any kind of creativity. For example, they can be used to update your own appearance: to stick on clothes, bags, sunglasses or shoes, making accessories not only fashionable, but also exclusive. Currently, fabric collars, completely covered with half beads, are quite popular. They also make beautiful neat earrings.
MLegs decide to buy half-beads to decorate various household items: mirrors, flower pots or any piece of furniture. Thus, the interior becomes more individual and cozy.