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Parachute cord (paracord)

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The parachute cord is a lightweight nylon rope originally used in the lines of American parachutes. In use, the paratroopers have found this cord useful for many other tasks. Currently used by military and civilians.

Then the paratroopers found other uses for paracord, such as: securing cargo, tarpaulins, tensioning the tent, replacing boot laces.

Paracord is useful because it will not rot or mold.

Tourists and other lovers of outdoor activities and sports sometimes use “survival bracelets” from several meters of Paracord, which is woven into a compact and easy-to-wear bracelet and sometimes a belt ... Such bracelets are intended for decoupling when you need a rope for any purpose - securing a load, restoring broken belts, providing assistance in the water, a tourniquet to stop bleeding, etc.