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Bead Caps, cones

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The "talking" name of this type of jewelry accessories - hugs , immediately shows its main purpose and principle of use. Such cups for beads really "hug" the product, masking its entrance holes.

Hugs are necessary for correcting an oversized hole in a bead, in addition, they are used to combine products into one whole, to create a complete image, as well as secure fastening. They can also serve as an additional decorative element.

On the Rutipo.com.ua website you can choose one of the types of hugs at a very attractive price. All products that are presented in our online store are distinguished not only by the highest quality, but also by very attractive parameters. Our hugs and other types of accessories for creating bijouterie already look like works of art in themselves, made of metal for bronze, gold and other goodThese materials are able to decorate, complement and securely fix any element of a bracelet, bead, necklace or earrings.

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