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MARBLE - crystalline a rock consisting of grains calcite , formed as a result of rebirth limestones and dolomites at high temperatures in the depths of the earth. marble almost always contains admixtures of other minerals, as well as organic compounds. Admixtures have a different effect on the quality of marble , reducing or increasing its decorative effect.

The color of marble also depends on admixtures. Most of the colored marbles have a motley or striped (cipoline) coloration.

Iron oxide paints it red (sometimes the color is pink or (rarely) a shade of rust), highly dispersed iron sulfide - blue-black, iron-containing silicates (especially chlorite and epidote) - in green, limonite (iron hydroxides) and iron and manganese carbonates - in yellow and brown tones. Gray, �The bluish and black colors can also be caused by impurities of bitumen or graphite.

The drawing is determined not only by the structure of marble , but also by the direction in which the stone is cut. The color and pattern of marble appear after polishing.

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