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Lapis lazuli

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Lapis lazuli is a gemstone and ornamental stone, the cost of which depends on the intensity of the color. The most prized are bright blue or purple lapis lazuli . lapis lazuli is a sodium and calcium aluminosilicate of bright blue, violet-blue or greenish-blue color. Individual crystals lapis lazuli are very rare; their size does not exceed a pea. A rock consisting of almost 40% lapis lazuli and 53% jasper is called lapis lazuli or swiss lapis lazuli . Its richest deposits are in Afghanistan, where among lapis lazuli there are the following varieties: valuable niili (indigo blue), less valuable asmani (sky blue) and cheap Sufsi (greenish blue).

Jewelry lapis lazuli is a dark blue polymineral aggregate without visible light inclusions. The dense la�Urit dark blue, cornflower blue and purple colors. Cut in cabochons or plates. In lower grades, spots of white, blue and gray are allowed, occupying, respectively, no more than 15% of the total surface area of ​​the stone. In the most expensive lapis lazuli from Badakhshan (Afghanistan), golden sparkles of pyrite are common.

Modern experts say that this mineral cleans the aura of its owner from the negative that he has accumulated over his life (old grievances, unseemly actions and thoughts, etc.). This stone helps a person in spiritual development, he constantly reminds him that everything in the world has a divine origin, therefore it is beautiful and worthy of love and respect. The owner of lapis lazuli becomes merciful a person who can personally feel other people's grievances and pain. If a person follows the prompts of the mineral, he can become a real sage.

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