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Carbonado is a polycrystalline type of black cubic diamond. These are fine-grained, porous aggregates of black, gray or greenish colors. The name " carbonado " (from the word "carbonado" - coal) was introduced when these minerals were discovered in Brazil in the 18th century due to their external resemblance to the usual coal . In 1993 carbonado was found in exotic volcanic rocks - avachites , the outlets of which are known on the eastern slope of the volcano Avachinsky in Kamchatka. The largest carbonado was found in Brazil, named Sergio, and weighs 3.167 carats.

Black diamonds are synthesized on an industrial scale. Nickel is used as a catalyst. Until recently, such diamonds were considered exclusively technical . The cost of such raw materials did not exceed $ 10 per carat. However, some of these raw materials are suitable for cutting, and �These are the crystals in which the black color is evenly distributed throughout the volume. Not all experts agree that a cut black diamond can be called a diamond, because it is opaque, does not sparkle or "play", and can only reflect light surface. However, there are also dark specimens of sufficient transparency, capable of refracting and decomposing light, but they are much less common than opaque ones.

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