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Granite (Porphyry, Unakite)

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Granite (Italian granito, from Latin granum - grain) is an acidic igneous intrusive rock. Consists of quartz , plagioclase, potassium feldspar and micas - biotite and / or muscovite. Granite is one of the densest, hardest and most durable rocks. In addition, granite has low water absorption and high resistance to frost and pollution. Different types of granites are characterized by different types of crystal structure. Among them there are coarse-grained, with a grain diameter of more than 5 mm, medium-grained with grains from 5 to 2 mm in diameter, fine-grained with a grain diameter of less than 2 mm.

Porphyry is the general name for effusive (volcanic) rocks of acid and intermediate composition with a porphyry structure. Paleotypic analogue of liparites (quartz porphyry) and trachytes ( feldspar porphyry , orthoclase porphyry). Fine crystallineI am an igneous rock with large inclusions. The chemical composition is close to granite . Most often, the term porphyry is used in the initial designation of a rock, when precise classification requires a chemical analysis of its composition.

Unakite - the mineral is one of the varieties of granite, composed of green epidote, transparent or gray quartz , pink (potassium) or sometimes white feldspar . The name Unakite was obtained from the place of discovery in 1874 - in the mountains Unak , in Tennessee, with major deposits in Brazil and China, as well as in southern Africa (South Africa). In Russia - on the territory of the Kola Peninsula. Natural beads Unakita are a talisman of young people who want to achieve success in life.

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