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Granatus (from Latin granatus - similar to grains) Garnets are widespread and are especially characteristic of metamorphic rocks - crystalline schists and gneisses. Pomegranates , according to Eastern and European beliefs, symbolize perseverance and strength, constancy and devotion, health and loyalty. The Persians considered it a royal stone and believed that the one who wears pomegranate gains power over people. Today, claims of healing properties grenades have become the subject of numerous everyday superstitions and commercial gimmicks. Getting acquainted with the reasoning about the magical and healing properties of pomegranates we must not forget that they are charlatan in nature and have nothing to do with mineralogy, medicine, or to the serious part of astrology.

Usually, in a narrow sense, garnets are understood as transparent red stones of almandines and pyropes. Their darkbut red crystals resemble fruit seeds - pomegranate . In early times, garnets were often called lalas, a name that brings together several blood-red gems: ruby, spinel, and garnet.

Main representatives (minerals) - garnet series :

  • Piralspits
    • Pyrope - similar to fire (due to its red color). The color is dark red.
    • Almandine - Color red, brown, violet. the most common of the pomegranates.
    • Spessartine Color pink, red, yellowish brown.
  • Ugrandites
    • Grossular - gooseberry (due to the similarity to gooseberry fruit). The color is light green (tsavorite) or greenish brown.
    • Andradite —Color yellow (topazolite), bred, greenish brown.
      • Demantoid is a transparent variety of green andradite
      • Melanitis is black.
    • Uvarovit - Emerald green color.

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