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Hematite and magnetite

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Hematite - a widespread iron mineral Fe 2 O 3 , one of the most important iron ores. In nature, there are several morphological varieties hematite : iron mica (old synonym: speculative ), red glass head ( bloodstone ), iron rose . Synonyms: red iron ore , luster of iron Treated hematite looks like morion, black flint, jet, < a href = "../ catalog / 277"> obsidian , from which it differs in strong metallic luster, high density (much heavier than similar minerals and any synthetics)

Magnetite (outdated synonym - magnetic iron ore ) FeO Fe 2 O 3 is a widespread black mineral of the oxide class. The color is black. Gloss is usually metallic, but sometimes oily or matte. Opaque. Hardness 5.5-6. Density 4.9-5.2. The fracture is conchoidal or unevenly stepped.distributed very widely, forms large accumulations and ore deposits. It occurs in the form of crystals, often forming druses, crystalline aggregates and brushes. Also dense confluent masses, phenocrysts in shale and other metamorphic rocks, disseminated and banded ores. It also occurs in the form of rounded grains in sedimentary rocks and in placers.

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