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Fluorite (from Lat. fluo - to flow), fluorspar , - mineral, calcium fluoride CaF 2 . Fragile, colored in various colors: yellow, green, blue, light blue, reddish-pink, violet, sometimes violet-black; colorless crystals are rare. Zoning of color is characteristic. The color is caused by defects in the crystal structure, which very delicately reacts to radiation and heating. Hardness 4. The fracture is concave, brittle. Under the blowpipe it cracks, burns and slightly melts at the edges. Let's dissolve in concentrated hydrochloric acid with the release of HF, which corrodes glass. Pure fluorite crystals have high transparency in a wide range: from vacuum ultraviolet radiation to the far infrared region, they brightly luminesce in cathode rays and under the influence of ultraviolet radiation. Fluorite is a typical fluorescent mineral; when heated and after irradiationit phosphoresces with ultraviolet light. Varieties :

  • anthosonite - dark purple fluorite
  • chlorophane - green fluorite
  • ratovkit - an earthy or fine-grained type of fluorite

Pure fluorite is colorless and water-transparent, with a glassy luster, but usually it is green, purple, yellow and other colors.

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