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Jewelry for graceful ears - earrings are popular both among young fashionistas and respectable ladies. Handmade they look especially interesting and unusual, but creating such a masterpiece without a base for earrings will not work - they serve as a fastener and start for work.

In our online store you can choose bases for earrings, in other words, buy earrings for every taste - graceful, massive, thin, elegant, in the form of flowers, plants, drops. We offer to the attention of the craftswomen ear wires for gold, stranded, platinum and other precious metals, as well as studs and foundations for casting. The basics in the English style look very stylish, allowing you to create bright, colorful earrings. On this basis, earrings will not look like ordinary, cheap jewelry, but like expensive works of art.

In addition, our earring bases are of impeccable quality., will last for many years and will be very convenient to use. You can wear these earrings every day, they can be easily removed and will not be lost even during sleep.

You can buy studs from us.