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Wooden decor for scrapbooking

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Wooden decor for scrapbook lovers, creators of postcards, albums and decorative chests of drawers: figurines, cabochons, die cuts, cuttings, chipboards. The entire decor can be glued or seated on double-sided tape. You can drill holes to get pendants, beads, connectors, buttons, etc.

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Rutipo - a store of blanks for jewelry and decor for scrapbooking

Making jewelry, crafts, paintings, toys, dressers, caskets and many other decor items with your own hands - what could be more enjoyable and interesting! Rutipo online store offers craftswomen all kinds of blanks for jewelry, rhinestones, beads, crystals, ribbons, feathers and other handicraft products, including wooden decor for scrapbooking.
Scrapbooking - memories embodied in the reality of yourWith your hands
In the last few years, scrapbooking has become one of the most popular hobbies for those who like to create various decorative products with their own hands. Behind this word hides a wonderful lesson in compiling albums, collages, decorating dressers with the help of numerous photographs, cuttings, figurines and cabochons made of wood. The theme of albums or decor items has no boundaries: everything from a gift for the birth of a child to a photo archive of a family tree for several generations. When a pile of selected photographs, scissors, glue and other tools to create your future masterpiece are already on the table in front of you, you will need an elegant wooden decor for scrapbooking, which can be purchased in our online store.
DIY jewelry: blanks for every taste
Despite the abundance of jewelry in shops, boutiques and jewelry departments, every woman always wants to have her own, not similar to anyone�Another, a bracelet, a pendant or even a whole set of jewelry. Buying blanks for making jewelry with your own hands is a great option to show your creativity and distinguish yourself from others, flashing unusual decoration in society. Hand-made products are more and more often better, more unusual and more beautiful than factory-made jewelry, thanks to the opportunity to purchase a wide variety of blanks for jewelry. Rutipo online store is happy to provide a large assortment of various decor for creating gorgeous and unique DIY jewelry. For those who want to put the production of their accessories on stream, our store provides the opportunity to buy jewelry blanks in bulk.
The Rutipo online store is a cherished place where every needleworker can find accessories and decor made of wood, glass, feathers, lace, rhinestones and other materials to embody their s ...My unexpected creative ideas.