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Decorative tape

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This tape is widely used in postcards, gift wrapping and surface decoration

Decorative adhesive tape - simple and creative helper

The non-standard use of familiar objects allows you to create art projects that are stunning in terms of creativity. Manufacturers subtly caught a similar trend and offered decorative tape to lovers of hand-made crafts. Patterned and illustrative images began to be applied to ordinary tape, and this turned out to be very convenient for creativity.
Many, only learning about the existence of such a product, immediately wondered where to buy decorative tape. Our assortment includes a wide selection of 15 mm adhesive tapes with geometric and "animal" patterns, cartoon characters, traditional hearts and flowers. Lacy tape 18 mm wide with an openwork transparent pattern looks unusually beautiful. Before you buydecorative tape, you can see the drawing in detail thanks to the magnifying image.
The price for decorative lace tape is higher than for the rest, as in its manufacture a unique technology of drawing a pattern is used, giving it volume and similarity to real lace.
Where decorative tape is used
The most active consumers of decorative tape in Ukraine are scrapbooking specialists. This is the newfangled name for the popular creative process for designing albums or cards with photos, clippings, or other attractive elements.
We offer to buy decorative tape for the smallest creators of beauty. With the help of this tape, you can easily decorate the baby's room with his favorite characters and add bright accents to the interior. It is simple, safe and interNatural work will surely interest the child, and he will try to do it together with you.
Our offer for the sale of decorative tape in Kiev and other cities of Ukraine is very interesting for schoolchildren and students. Diaries, notebooks and notes, brightly decorated in the style of scrapbooking, will effectively emphasize the individuality of every young and creative person. It is easy to buy decorative tape in Kiev and any locality using the services of our online store.
There are many more ways of showing creativity, for which it is worth buying decorative tape: decorating gifts, decorating household items and interior elements. This material, extraordinary in its characteristics, is easy to use and unlimited in the ways of application. Any decorative tape you need for creativity can be ordered from us by going through a simple registration processimages on our website.