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Citrine is a type of quartz mineral that differs from ordinary quartz only in color. The name comes from lat. citrus - lemon yellow. Color from light lemon to amber honey. Transparent. Citrines are less common in nature than most other quartz varieties. Their deposits are known in Brazil, Madagascar, in USA , Spain, France, Scotland, the Urals and Kazakhstan. Jewelers often call golden yellow citrines "golden topaz", and brownish-yellow citrines - "Spanish topaz". This is due to the fact that, when cut, the color of citrine resembles some varieties of topaz. Topaz differs from citrine in hardness (higher for topaz), more pronounced pleochroism, greater density and presence of cleavage. Most of the citrines on sale are processed smoky quartz ... Similarity is achieved by �By calcining smoky quartz at a temperature of 500 ° C, after which it acquires a stable yellow color.

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