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Zircon and Cubic Zirconia (Cubic Zirconia)

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Many do not know that zircon and cubic zirconium are completely different stones. Cubic zirconia is an artificially grown crystal, an imitation of a diamond. Zircon is a natural igneous rock. It may contain various elements that give zircon a different color. Cubic zirconium (cubic zirconia) is very popular due to its bright, brilliant shine. In recent years, this synthetic stone has established itself as an analogue of precious stones and as the best substitute for natural diamonds.

cubic zirconium , like diamond, has excellent refractoriness (the melting point of cubic zirconia is about 2700 C), chemical resistance and high degree of transparency. The chemical composition of cubic zirconia is zirconium oxide with additions of cobalt, vanadium, chromium and iron. Although colorless zircons har�They are characterized by diamond brilliance and play, they can be easily distinguished from diamond by their low hardness and light refraction. It is difficult to visually distinguish only small cubic zirconia in a product from small diamonds.

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