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Brads and rivets

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Buy brads and rivets

Today it is simply impossible to make absolutely stunning straps, bracelets, bags and wallets without brads, rivets and beads! If a master is engaged, for example, in scrapbooking, then it is not a problem to arrange a girl's album or an e-book case for him. Not a problem if he knows exactly where it is best to find these decorative elements at low prices and good quality. As soon as he finds a fairly prestigious online store, as soon as his eyes run up, he will only have to decide hearts, flowers, circles or ovals, with or without stones, metallic or plastic, with a "crab" or "arrow" mount and beads, and how much he will order this sheer luxury at such a marvelous cost.

Not everyone today wants to go to consumer goods, and brads "Zvezda" and rivets "Pyramid" are the best way to change leather jackets beyond recognition andpants. And if young people are happy to buy bracelets with thorns, then to refine leather coats and shorts with the same thorns is a matter of the art of jewelers and jewelry masters.

However, even without orders from informals, they have a lot of work! Wonderful author's panels in the halls of many hotels, design decoration of show windows of the best shops - and wherever you have gone, and most importantly, the hand of masters of riveting, studding and beading. Moreover, if the process is automated, then you can safely buy these brads and rivets today in the required quantities. And our online store of goods for needlework and jewelry making is at your service!

Decorative elements sometimes play a much more important role than the luxurious material of the product or its content (in the case of scrapbooking). Craftswomen who knit or make dolls today use brads both as “eyes” and as buttons, and decorate their beauties with beads. Small,and how important these pretty rivets are! Fasten parts made of felt, fabric, leather - for this they are simply irreplaceable. The main thing is to find a reliable supplier - and you can continue to sculpt, build and weave using beads on the Internet - to help you, here you will find a lot of ideas!

In our store you will find crab rivets of various sizes, decorative rivets, Heart brads and many other accessories that will allow you to make your wildest dreams come true! You can count on the impeccable quality of the goods you bought from us! Convenient delivery conditions and discounts will be a pleasant bonus!