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Aventurine, Quartzite

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Aventurine (fr. aventurine from Latin. It is a fine or fine-grained rock consisting of quartz and small dispersed inclusions of mica flakes, and sometimes chlorite or hematite. Aventurine refers to metamorphic rocks formed during the compaction and pre-crystallization of sandy-clayey sediments, usually sandstones, into quartzites and crystalline shales. The color is white, pink, yellow, red-brown, brick-and cherry-red, very rarely green or blue. It is used as an ornamental stone.

Artificial aventurine - brown glass with inclusions of metallic copper leaves, giving the alloy a bright golden shine. < a href = "../ catalog / 150"> Aventurine is formed by melting and recrystallization of quartz in the presence of other minerals, which gave the stone its characteristic shade. aventurine deposits are located in India, Brazil and Russia.

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