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Apatite (from ancient Greek. "I cheat") is a mineral of the phosphate class, usually pale greenish, blue, yellow-green or pink in color with a glassy luster. The name of the mineral is associated with the fact that it occurs naturally in different species, so it is often confused with other minerals (beryl, diopside, tourmaline ). Apatite is a polygenic mineral that forms clusters in alkaline igneous rocks. The main diagnostic feature of apatite is the prismatic appearance of crystals; it differs from similar beryl in less hardness. Industrial deposits of apatite are rare. The world's largest deposit is Khibinskoye on the Kola Peninsula in Russia, where apatite-nepheline ore is mined. Apatite is a raw material for the production of phosphorus fertilizers, phosphorus and phosphoric acid , it is used in ferrous and nonferrous metallurgy, in the production of ceramics and glass. Apatite is rarely used by jewelryira, because its widespread use in jewelry is impossible due to the low hardness of this stone and the fact that apatite is very fragile.

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