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Amethist (ancient Greek "drunkard") is a blue, bluish-pink or red-violet variety of quartz. It is usually found in the form of crystals and their intergrowths freely sitting in cavities and veins among crystalline rocks. Amethyst is characterized by slight variability of color depending on lighting. The color stability of amethysts from different deposits is not the same; Thus, crystals of amethyst from crystal-bearing veins are usually resistant even to direct sunlight, while amethyst found in geodes among sedimentary rocks usually quickly fade under the influence of even scattered sunlight. When calcined, already around 250 °, amethyst loses its color, passing gradually turns yellow or greenish, and becomes colorless. This property of amethyst is often used by grinders, using artificially discolored amethysts under the guise of aquamarines or topaz.and crystals of amethyst are found near the village. Vatiha and Lipova near Murzinka on Wed. Urals, large gem-quality crystals in the Subpolar Urals, on about. Ceylon, in North America and especially in Brazil. Also in Madagascar, Uruguay, Armenia

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