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Aquamarine (Latin aqua marina - sea water) - a mineral of the beryl group. Numerous inclusions: long cavities parallel to the crystal faces, which, when filled with liquid, give the crystals a brown color; gas bubbles, flat inclusions (chrysanthemum), inclusions in the form of snowflakes, stars; inclusions of biotite, phlogopite, rutile, pyrite, and ilmenite are common. Asterism and the "cat's eye" effect are possible. The color intensity increases after heating to 400 ° C. Due to its fragility, the stone is easy to crush. The color is usually uniform, due to the presence of iron. The mineral can be confused with blue topaz, kyanite, starlite , tourmaline , euclase The deposits are known on all continents, the most significant: Brazil (Minas Gerais, Bahia, Espiritu Santo), Madagascar, Russia (Ural, Transbaikalia). There are imitations of glass. Synthetic aquamarine do not produce (economically impractical). Artificial aquamarines are often given as synthetic spinel or corundum.

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