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Online store of accessories for costume jewelry

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RUTIPO - a wide selection of accessories for jewelry


Even now, when anyone can go to the jewelry boutique and choose one of the attractive ready-made rings, chains and bracelets, making jewelry with their own hands is a very relevant hobby, which can be not just a hobby, but a real profitable business. And it is not surprising, because the handmade decorations made by themselves bear a piece of the heat of the master, his soul, become true masterpieces, unique and individual.

In addition, the manufacture of jewelry is a great way to relax after a hard day at the office, the opportunity to embody their creative impulses, to create a gift for a loved one who definitely will like and will remind of the donor. And over time, such a passion can grow into a successful business, bringing quite tangible income.

RUTIPO is an online store offering the most sophisticated products for creating unparalleled beauty with your own hands - jewelry and bijouterie. Among the range of our store:

- amazingly beautiful beads, including from natural stone, which can be selected to your taste and according to your horoscope, crystal, glass, from Swarovski, metal, ceramic, lampwork, beads from zirconium, acrylic, plastic, Czech glass and so on. Beads from natural stones, pleasant to the touch, original, ideal for creating a variety of products, not only traditional beads, but also gorgeous bracelets, earrings, pendants and tiaras remain the most popular. Our store offers a huge selection of beads at the lowest price available to everyone, including wholesale beads.

If your hobby is already appreciated by friends and acquaintances, if your jewelry becomes a favorite gift for all friends and relatives, it is probably time to think about starting your own business, and our beads for jewelry will become the best assistants in creating unique beauty;

- various accessories for costume jewelery - huggers, caps, cones, brooch bases, clips, ears, lobsters, carbines, keychain bases, bookmarks for books, pins, rings, pins, hoops - you can list the range of our store for a very long time. All products, among which accessories for rings, are of impeccable quality. RUTIPO is an online store of accessories for jewelry which will allow you to make any jewelry, convenient to use, extremely attractive, original and reliable;

- other products for handicrafts: watches, cameos, cords, braid, ribbons, feathers, felt, felt, crystals, cabochons, beads, sequins, brads, attached stones, wool for felting, baskets, glitter, paints and much more. Also in the store RUTIPO you can buy colorful packaging for their finished products, which will make the gift even more attractive.

Our online store of beads and accessories for jewelry offers an extensive and exquisite range of products that will help you to make jewelry with your own hands.

We will be happy if you will find here what you like, which will complement your image with a bright highlight and reflect your individuality. And the process of creating bright jewelry just bring a lot of pleasure.